45 Quotes To Elaborate A Kiss

Ever wondered in your darkest dreams that how does it feel to kiss your partner? No doubt, a great session of kissing your loved one can make you feel fantastic. 

Apart from making out kissing has its benefits proved scientifically. It can help reduce stress, increase the satisfaction of life, make you feel light, and burn from two to six calories a minute. 


Its every girl’s dream to be kissed by their partner with intensity and love, but they don’t merely ask for it. In this situation, a guy has to build interest in her girl for a kiss and make her ask for it. The best thing a guy can do here is to not directly kiss the lips and try making love through other techniques. For a successful kiss, you have to keep in mind that there is always a technique, and if you follow it, your partner will become crazy about you!

Here are some inspiring quotes about kissing.


  1. You don’t know how important I am, kiss me once, and I bet you will never leave me.
  2. Are you feeling short of breath, let me give you some oxygen by holding you closer.
  3. No matter how much fights we have, they can always end up with a simple kiss.
  4. Why are we making it complicated if we know a kiss is the only thing that makes us stress-free.
  5. I never fall in love, because when I do, it’s all about going to parks, monuments, historical places, and kissing.
  6. There is a moon, and there is a sea. There is nothing if you are not kissing me.
  7. When we kiss, it should be passionate, no matter who is watching.
  8. I want to tell you about the love I have for you, but I don’t have words, Only my lips know the feel. 
  9. I want to taste you by your lips through your tongue.
  10. When there are no words, the kiss becomes a way of communication.
  11. We can forget everything but that first kiss.
  12. Kiss on lips can make you feel the passion, love, and lust, but a kiss on the forehead can tell you how special you are.
  13. The kiss should be so passionate as it is the last time.
  14. Through words, we speak to a person, through the kiss, we can speak to a soul.
  15. Kissing is like putting a mobile phone on charge until it is full.
  16. Want to workout but too lazy to join a gym, start kissing as it also burns some calories.
  17. I will kiss you and absorb all the worries like hell out of you.
  18. Don’t kiss a girl out of LUST, Instead kiss her to tell how beautiful she is.
  19. There should be a kiss instead of saying goodbye.
  20. Marry me so I could kiss you day and night.
  21. Kiss me, or I will piss you off.
  22. Kiss me as I wonder if the nose comes in between?
  23. Your every kiss should be like we have never kissed before
  24. I never want to kiss you like it’s my duty, but I want to kiss you like it my passion.
  25. Kiss is the best sweet dish one can ever have
  26. Promise me that you will kiss me every time we say goodbye.
  27. Why prefer icecream when kissing your partner gets easier.
  28. Kissing is like two magnets pulling each other that won’t get a part until someone does.
  29. No matter how big conquerer a man is, a kiss can always defeat him.
  30. Kiss is the way to taste love out of your partner.
  31. Kissing is the only way a couple can connect and understand each other.
  32. When couples have their first kiss, all the egos are kept aside, and a new journey starts.
  33. A simple kiss can sort out the mess inside you.
  34. As much as you kiss, the thirst increases like it’s saltwater.
  35. When you kiss, the noses disappear like they were never there.
  36. A simple kiss with your partner can make you feel the real worth she has into your life.
  37. All the lovemaking begins and ends on a kiss.
  38. Kissing is a two-way process you receive and feel and then answer it back.
  39. Kissing is like an undiscovered deep lake. You can’t measure the depth until you dive.
  40. A simple kiss can tell you how long your couple is going to be together.
  41. Kissing is a slow process; you should feel your lips touching something softer and silkier than ever.
  42. A kiss combines two persons into one soul.
  43. Some secrets cannot be explained in the ear. The kiss replaces it.
  44. I want those winter nights with you when we are sitting beside the fire, taking a sip of wine and kissing.
  45. A kiss is only good when it is done without demands and complaints. 

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