5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Self-Storage Unit When You Move

Your home can quickly descend into chaos when you move. The whole packing and unpacking process can unearth many treasures, memories, and regrets when you take them out of their organizers. Moving checklists and professional movers can help. Another thing that can help are self-storage units. Trust me. You would need all the help that you can get.

Here are 5 ways self-storage can help you move between homes: 

Declutter In Peace

Start decluttering weeks before you move. Sort all of your stuff into three piles: To throw away, to bring to your new place, and to put inside a storage facility. You need to reduce the amount of things you bring to your new place. You’d be surprised at how much stuff you have that are broken and can throw away. 

On the other hand, there’s also some stuff that you don’t need in your daily life but can afford to put in a self-storage facility. This way, you can have a spacious new home! 

Protect Your Sentimental Items

Packing means displacing a lot of things. Since everything is out of place, your things will naturally collect in piles. Bump one by accident, and it can snowball into pushing your sentimental or fragile items over the edge. Family heirlooms and vintage pieces require constant care. It also needs proper maintenance. It’s best to start your packing by sending over all your valuables inside a storage unit so they don’t get in your way.

Store Your Non-Essentials

If you already have a place in mind, you can keep the furniture and equipment that you don’t need on the day to day in your unit. Pack these things and move it along with your sentimental items. It clears up your space, so you can create Marie Kondo-style piles and properly sort smaller items. It can also play a vital role in the next step.

Stage Your Home 

For some people, the moving process includes selling the home. For rush jobs, looking for potential buyers and packing boxes happen at the same time. While you can live in a great neighbourhood and have excellent amenities, people have to see themselves living in the space. The blank canvas of an empty apartment or house can work for most people. However, what if you still have your things there? What if half of them are in boxes? It takes away a large part of the charm. How exactly can you convince someone to buy your house when all of your stuff are still there?

Self-storage takes this away. So, you can have a cleaner set up to attract buyers. The extra space also allows you to play around with your setup to highlight specific qualities like the hardwood floor, vintage details, or spacious floor plan. 

Long-Term Storage

Not all homes have the luxury of having the same square meters as your previous house. If you are moving to a smaller place, you can keep things that don’t fit well along with your seasonal gear in your storage unit before the move. You can make it a long-term solution as well.

Self-storage units are a popular choice in the UK as homes continue to get smaller and smaller. As affordable storage solutions, many residents are choosing to store more of their stuff inside storage units.

You cannot completely tame the chaos of moving. After all, you are uprooting your entire life. However, self-storage provides a bit of calm by letting your living space just be that for one last time. Host a dinner party before you leave your friends. Watch your favourite movie with your family one last time. The house you are leaving represents an era, celebrate all the great things before you move on to your next chapter. 

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