Eliminate The Fears And Doubts About Handmade Carpet

To offer your home and office spaces to come to life, the most beautiful and easiest way is to spread your favorite handmade rugs or handmade carpets on the floorings. However, various apprehensions about hand-made carpets/rugs have taken the place of fears and doubts and lead to misconceptions in everybody’s mind over time. 

So, let’s explore more about the advantages and how the hand-made carpets adorn a home’s beauty and burst all the doubts concerning it!

There is something about the handmade carpet, maybe because it undergoes or its originality because of the process. At Jaipur Rugs, we continuously work on the creativity and sustainability of hand-made rugs from start to finish, made by our craftsmen possessing unique and irreplaceable skills. We made it possible through our compassionate local folks/craftspeople who work so hard to create such excellent exquisite hand-made carpets from carding and spinning wool to the unrivaled finished product.

Why Are HandMade Carpets Essential?

Hand-made carpets are indeed works of art, giving that perfect luxurious look and offers comfortable flooring to your spaces. Each hand-made carpets or rugs are created with compassion and love by our expert artisans at Jaipur Rugs that come up with their own unparalleled and unique one-of-a-kind Masterpiece. Each carpet or rug is made up of unique designs and intricate details, giving it the ultimate luxurious appearance to perfectly suit your surroundings. Rugs and Carpets are the base of our home interiors. Besides all this, in simpler terms, they just set the tone of the living spaces, and the detailed qualities and benefits of “hand-made” carpets or rugs include:

Style and Weaving Techniques–Hand-made Carpets:

The handmade carpets have unique and beautiful weaving patterns that are different in several ways. Just like any other hand-made art, you will never have the same weaving pattern on two rugs. Hence, each carpet is unique in its style and weaving patterns. Every carpet has its weaving style/pattern and is determined by its different knotting style. Even the weaving pattern of each rug may decide the carpets’ prices and how long is their durability.


Compared to machine-made carpets, hand-made carpets are a total investment. Hand-made carpets are not going out of style for years because of their uniqueness as each rug is made by the hands of several craftsmen with compassion, empathy, and love, which takes years to complete a single carpet. Their values are going to increase almost always over time. Even if we talk about hand-made rugs, they are durable and not going to decay quickly over the period, unlike machine-made rugs, and hence, can be heirloomed. Hand-made carpets are made carefully by knotting each strand of wool or silk looped around an adjacent knot and secured with its knot. This will ensure that each hand-made piece looks lively and useful as the day you brought it home.

The Durability of HandMade Carpets:

Thinking to settle down for hand-made carpets? Do check on the durability. It’s crucial while buying a rug to make sure that you accept the right carpet that serves you long. The hand-made carpet indeed gives that durability and comfortability. Yes, that is true considering comfort while buying a carpet significant as some rugs are slippery to walk on and give you the low use of carpet.

Having Compact Spaces, Try To Avoid Covering The Entire Spaces:

Try to avoid covering the whole space with the carpet as it will give a cramped look to your room. Instead, put the house’s carpet that focuses mainly on the designs and decorations on the rugs giving a soothing look.

Add Color to Your Room:

Hand-made Rugs, when chosen right, will add charm to your rooms. It gives the freshness and the perfect thrilling warmth when the right colors are selected for the rooms. Also, if you are a rug follower and keep on changing carpets of your house or rooms, try considering colors according to the season. For instance, during the winters, a stunning or radiant colored antique can brighten your room. On the other hand, if you choose the light-colored rugs, they must be ideal for the summer season and give the cooling effect to your houses.

These are the reasons that will help you understand the importance of hand-made carpets and provide you to eliminate the misconceptions about the old concepts concerned with carpet. Even you must know these are no more just carpets and are a piece of treasure that can be kept or even heirloomed.


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