How to Choose an Environmentally Friendly Mattress

Are you thinking about getting a new mattress?


With the average mattress costing you around 200 to 1500 USD, it’s important that you get the choose the best one when you’re out shopping. There are many factors to consider like the size of the mattress and the comfort you’ll feel while laying on it. One factor that only a few people consider is the mattress’s impact on the environment.

This is important because an environmentally friendly mattress has none of the chemicals that can harm you or the environment. How do you go about getting a mattress that’s a friend of the environment, though?

Read what we have below to learn how you can get yourself a green mattress. Choosing the right one will do you wonders and will help you be a friend to the environment.

Go For Natural Materials

The first thing you should look at when choosing a green mattress is the material it’s made from. Choosing natural materials will not only make it easier for you to get a good night’s sleep, but it will also help the environment by not using materials that are dangerous to the environment.

You can see the material of the mattress on its tag. Look for materials like cotton or wool. These are more natural materials that don’t take much processing.

Latex is also another option for you if you want a mattress that’s good for the environment. You should know that not all latex mattresses are natural, though. Some latex mattresses get mixed with some synthetic materials.

You should also know that not all mattresses with natural materials are organic. A mattress made from wool can still have some traces of factory processing. This will depend on the manufacturing process of the mattress.

Look at the Manufacturing Process of the Mattress

The manufacturing process will determine how organic a mattress is. This is why a latex mattress can still be inorganic as well as wool mattresses. Checking how a mattress gets processed will let you know if you’re getting yourself an organic mattress or not.

If you’re looking at a wool mattress, check to see the place where it’s made. The reason why cotton may be inorganic is that it’s a common practice to use pesticides in cotton fields.

These chemicals stick to the cotton and release lots of harmful gases when processed. These can destroy the environment because when trees inhale these fumes, they poison them. They also destroy the ozone layer, becoming a helping hand in global warming.

These are also harmful to you even when the mattress is up for sale. These fumes stick long enough with the cotton that you can inhale them in your sleep. So, look for cotton mattresses that came from cotton plants that don’t use pesticides.

Latex mattresses can also be organic if you know what you look for. These mattresses use rubber as their main ingredient in production. If you want an organic latex mattress, go for a latex mattress used natural sap from rubber trees.

Look at the Mattress’s Certifications

Once you determine the manufacturing process of the mattress, the next step is to buy it, right? Not quite yet… you need to check the mattress’s certifications first, as with any product you buy.

These certifications allow you to know that the mattress went through a thorough examination and tests. This is to help you determine that all the mattress claims to be are true.

To undergo certification, a mattress first gets tested by regulating agencies. They inspect everything about the mattress including its material and method of production. If a single element of the mattress doesn’t meet their specifications, they don’t give it certification.

Seeing a certification means that you can trust that the mattress. If you don’t see one, then it’s best that you keep looking.

Choose a Trusted Brand

If you want to find mattresses with certifications, you should look at trusted brands. There is a high chance that these mattresses will have certifications since these brands know how to make the best mattresses in the industry.

A good way to know the brands to trust is to look for online reviews. Look for brands with tons of positive reviews from their customers. Look for reviews that also give tons of information about their products.

This Avocado mattress review should tell you what you should look for. Once you know what brand you want, you then look for any nearby store that sells the brand. A good mattress company should have its own store, so check if they have a physical location first.

If not, check around for any store that sells your preferred mattress. Make sure that the store is reputable enough, too. Some stores may sell you a bad mattress for the same price as the mattress you’re looking for.

Remember That Your Comfort Is Paramount

Many people have the notion that helping the environment means sacrificing some comforts that they’re used to. What’s great about green mattresses is that they still feel comfortable if they’re well made.

When buying a mattress, you should test it out first. It should be fine to lay down on one, but you should ask an attendant to assist you, first. While you’re laying down, check for the mattress’s smell, too.

Organic mattresses will have different scents, so make sure that you like how it smells. Take the time to get to know the mattress before you make any commitment to anything. You’ll be stuck with a big investment if you don’t like how your new mattress smells.

Get Yourself Environmentally Friendly Mattress Today

You need not content yourself with the traditional mattress any longer. Keep those dangerous chemicals away from you and get yourself an environmentally friendly mattress now! Give yourself a more relaxing night’s sleep with an organic mattress today!

Do you want to learn more ways to go green? Check out more of our guides to learn all you can about going green today!

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