How to install an under-counter wine and beverage cooler

Have you not gotten a wine cooler yet? Do not worry and get an idea of how to fix it alone at home. It is the pandemic going on, and it would not be ethical to call over a plumber or professional for installing a beverage refrigerator. The term under the counter is quite confusing, and it makes the concept of installation more complicated.

Before you start to install, there are a few things that, if considered, would be quite helpful for the installation. While purchasing a beverage cooler, you must keep in mind space where you would install it. The length, breadth, the door size, and the inner flooring can affect the installation strategy. For instance, if the hidden area is not big enough and you need to keep more items than the capacity of that cooler, then you must place it in a cooler area of your house than in the kitchen. 


The venting system of a beverage cooler must be on the front side; otherwise, it will affect the cooling. Even though a backside venting window is great, if it is going to be placed in your cabinet, the air would not be able to escape and accumulate in the cabin. Similarly, you must also check the power supply and the flooring for a beverage cooler before installing it. Let us have a glimpse of what should be done to establish an under-counter wine beverage cooler safely. 

Get the tools

You will need a saw, sand appear, measuring tape, a few screws, and a driller. If you need to remove the door of the cabinet, you must unscrew it and check the size of the cooler. While buying, you might have just got an idea of the scale, but when it is time to install, you are supposed to measure both the fridge and the cabinet. You may need to cut the cabinet for making more space, and kindly do not leave it to look rough, you must use sandpaper for giving a subtle look.

Placing the cooler

Before putting your cooler inside the cabinet, please check the flooring. Sometimes the coolers are a bit heavier than you think, and plastic flooring will not be suitable. Once you have put it, check the leveling of the cooler.

Wait and plugin

Once you have placed the cooler, next, it is time to let it stay where it is; you might have heard that there are certain liquified gases in fridges and coolers. The resting period is for allowing the liquid to get into the right place; the movement of refrigerators and air conditioners can cause the leakage of gas.

After two hours, it is time to plug in and get the power supply for your beverage cooler. Ensure that the socket is not far away, and if you have not got any close outlet in the cabinet, you might need wire extensions. Be very careful while placing the electric wires, especially if you have got kids at your house.

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