So Much to Love about Lakeside Living

Many of us dream of living by the water, whether it is the beach or a lake, it is something we strive for at some point in our lives. While you may feel a call to live closer to the water, you may not have realized that there are many health benefits to it, also. Before you make the leap and start looking for homes for sale in Mahogany, check out all of these potential benefits.

Living by a lake no doubt offers you beautiful views and a sense of calm and peace, but it offers so much more. When you live by the water, any type of water, the air is cleaner and you are taking in air that is fresher. The air around water is charged with negative ions, which helps you absorb oxygen into your body. Fresh air balances your serotonin levels, which impacts your mood and stress. It also helps you be more alert. There is a reason we are drawn to the water. It just makes us feel good.


When you are more relaxed and feel less stressed, your immune system is stronger. Stress can wreak havoc on your immune system. When your stress levels are decreased, your body is in better shape. When your immune system is stronger, it helps you fight disease, illness, and other health concerns.

I am sure you have spent time on or near the water when you slept well and felt refreshed. This is most likely because of the relaxing capability that water has. When you are relaxed, you sleep much better. Water can help clear your mind. It removes distractions and negative thoughts, which helps your mind and body relax. This relaxation helps you sleep deeper. When you sleep deeper, you wake up feeling more refreshed.

When you are around water, your white blood cell count goes up. Plants and trees that are found near water produce phytoncides. This is something you breathe in and helps to increase your white blood cells. White blood cells also help boost your immune system because they help fight infection and sickness. When you are outside near water, you are improving your immune system.

All of the good feelings that come along with being around water can help improve the length of your life. It can certainly improve your quality of life. We all know that our emotions help drive our thoughts. When we have positive emotions, we have positive thoughts and we feel better. Simply being around water more can improve our thoughts and emotions.


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