Standard Windows Sizes of Poplar Types of Windows

Whatever a product, maybe there are always industry standards on which they are manufactured and produced; the same is the case with windows. People who go out to purchase windows will find that each design is available in certain dimensions and sizes. Windows are designed for specific cut-outs as they cannot be placed in any rough cut out present in a home or building.  The windows’ exact dimensions dictate that they cannot be used for all window replacement jobs but producing windows in every possible dimension and size is impossible.

Producing windows in the most demanded and used dimensions is a smart and only option available to manufacturers. By catering to the need of the masses, they avoid wasting their resources and money unnecessarily. It is smart sticking with standard sizes when constructing homes as then there would be no need to pay hefty prices for windows having unique dimensions.


How to Check The Dimensions of a Window?

When it comes to labeling a new window’s size, there is a simple process used by the manufacturers. People can easily see the dimensions of a window through a number assigned to it. The number of the window contains four digits. The first two of the four digits indicate the window’s width, and the last two represent the window’s height. A window with the number 3238 would mean that its width is 3’2″ and its height is 3’8″. There is another rule that must be followed when checking the dimensions of a new window. The rule is that the measurements are often half an inch less than the number of the window. Window manufacturers do this because they want to make the installation process of the windows to be smooth and hassle-free.

Types of Windows and Their Dimensions

Many different types of windows can be found on the market. Among the list of various window types, double-hung is one of the most well-known types. As the type is trendy among people, manufacturers create and produce them in many dimensions. Double-hung are a versatile type as they can be used in every corner of a house. Manufacturers produce them in a width range of twenty-four to forty-eight inches and a height range of thirty-six inches to seventy-two inches. These windows can be found on online sites such as ESWDA as well.

  • Height: thirty-six″ minimum to seventy-two″ maximum
  • Width: twenty-four″ minimum to forty-eight″ maximum

Some people like to use large and expansive windows, mostly because of their functionality and elegant look. The large windows are known as picture windows, and they too are a popular choice among folks. The picture windows can also be found in small size, but they are mostly known for being big and wide. This window is mainly manufactured as closed windows, as making windows with such large frames openable is not safe. This type of window is manufactured in two-foot, three-foot, four foot, six-foot, and eight-foot width and one-to-eight-foot height.

  • Height: twelve″ minimum to ninety-six″ maximum
  • Width:  twenty-four″ minimum to ninety-six″ maximum

Finally, sliding windows are also a type that is produced in bulk by the manufacturers. The width of these windows is usually more than its height. Slider windows are widely used in buildings and various parts of a house as they are easy to use. This type of windows can be found in thirty-six-inch, forty-eight-inch, sixty-inch, seventy-two-inch, and eighty-four-inch width and twenty-four-inch, thirty-six-inch, forty-eight-inch, and sixty-inch height.

  • Height: twenty-four″ minimum to sixty″ maximum
  • Width:  thirty-six″ minimum to eighty-four″ maximum
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