Tips to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

Over the years, household appliances have developed and come out with newer and better technologies that make our work easier. One of the most helpful innovations that has developed is the vacuum cleaner. Manufacturers have developed different types and models of this cleaner and even try to combine different features into one. 

To date, there are a many vacuum types available in the market for you to choose from which caters to your needs. Here are some factors to consider helping you choose the most effective vacuum cleaner: 

1. Types of Vacuum Cleaners 

When you plan to purchase a cleaner, keep in mind what you plan to vacuum. There are several types of vacuums available in the market intended for different uses. For carpets and floors, the most common also most popular options to choose from are upright and canister vacuum cleaners. 

Canister vacuum cleaners are sometimes preferred because it is lighter since their motors are smaller. Canister vacuums are also more efficient in cleaning the stairs & above floor cleaning and their heads are able to reach under your furniture. 

Nowadays, the robotic and stick vacs also getting popular as robot vacuum can automate or even schedule the cleaning tasks while stick cleaner is lightweight and cheap, good for fast cleaning.

On the other hand, upright vacuum cleaner is more convenient to use especially clean on carpeted floors because it reaches up to the waistline so you do not need to bend down while vacuuming. 

2. Power/ Suction Ability

The performance of a vacuum cleaner depends greatly on the power of the suction motor. Suctioning power is estimated by amperage (amps). Generally, a motor pulling the most amps of electricity generates stronger suction. Having a cleaner with greater suctioning power can lessen the period of time that you spend in vacuuming. 

3. Price 

When buying equipment like vacuum cleaner, price is always a major consideration. If you do vacuuming very often, it may be cost effective to purchase a better quality model that will last longer even if it is expensive. But if you will use the vacuum cleaner only occasionally, it may not be necessary to spend a lot of money to have the best model of vacuum. 

4. Bagged or Bagless 

When choosing between bagged and bagless type, consider the cost of replacing bags against the cost of replacing filters. Sometimes, their maintenance cost may almost be the same but in the long run, a bagless cleaner can be a pain in the neck since it may requires more cleaning maintenance. 

5. Brand

Is the vacuum brand important? Well, some of the manufacturers like Miele, Dyson offer longer warranty periods compare to others. But those vacuums with longer warranty also tend to be higher in prices and more reliable. Basically, most of the manufacturers like Eureka, Bissell, Black and Decker, Electrolux, etc is offering one year warranty to their vacuum models.

6. Special Features and Attachments

Another factor to consider in choosing the right cleaning appliance is the features and attachments that it offers. You may want your vacuum to be flexible and can clean several areas. 

If you want to purchase a vacuum to clean your carpet and floor and the same time can also clean drapes and tight corners, you need to check on the attachments that fit your needs. For those with many pets, you should get a pet hair vacuum to keep the shedding to a minimum.

If you have allergy problems, a HEPA filter vacuum would be the best choice since it is able to filter out 99% of pollens, dust and other common household allergens. Many cleaners now come with a HEPA filtration which helps eliminate dust particles from being recirculated back into the air. Usually, the top-rated canister and upright models is using the HEPA filtration.

7. Feedback 

It is always helpful to get feedback from other users on the different models of vacuum cleaners especially if it is your first time to purchase one. You can also ask which brand they recommend based on experience. 

Also, always read customer reviews available online like Amazon site to let you know more about the specific vacuum model. Then, you also can visit the local store to personally test the cleaner before your really commit to it.


Choosing the right vacuum cleaner can be confusing because of the various types available out there. Always remember that an expensive vacuum cleaner does not necessarily mean it is the best but generally expensive models are more reliable and last longer. 

So over the time, we will try to write and give the best info that I can especially those related to the following topics:

Different types of vacuum cleaners i.e., best model of canister vacuum, upright vac, stick vacuum, robotic, handheld, steam cleaning, etc.

Pros and cons on each type of vacuum cleaner

Personal review on different popular models of vacuum

Vacuum tips and tricks such as buying guide, maintenance tips, etc.

Stay tune and bookmark this site, we will give you with invaluable info to help you better choose the reliable vacuum for your home cleaning needs.

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