Trade Secrets for Hosting the Best Coffee Party Revealed

Sydney, like most places all over Australia, has a deep love and appreciation for all things coffee. The capital city of New South Wales is the home of 5.3 million residents as of 2019. These people enjoy plenty of areas to visit for recreation, including the pristine beaches of Bondi and Manly, wide parks like the Royal Botanic Garden, and numerous museums and art galleries like the Museum of Sydney and the Australian Museum. 

After visiting these places, most Australians choose to hang out in coffee shops to enjoy a good cup of brew. In a recently published survey, researchers discovered that one in four Australians claimed that they could not last an entire day without coffee. For this reason, plenty of coffee shops sprung all over the city. But coffee roasters in Sydney are also beginning to have a strong presence in the community. They target homebrewers who love to enjoy high-quality coffee instead of instant varieties. 

To fully enjoy the best coffee experience, more Sydneysiders host coffee parties at home. If you want to invite your friends over to have a delectable cup of coffee in the comfort of your relaxing living room, here are some coffee party hosting tips that you can follow so you and your mates will have the best time over coffee. 

Pull Out your Chosen Coffee Mug 

True-blooded coffee lovers do not only collect the best coffee beans that they could source from coffee roasters in Sydney. They also have a wide and extensive collection of mugs that they can use for serving their favorite coffee. 

If you are hosting a coffee party, you must pull out your mug collections from the pantry and choose which ones to use for your guests. It will be easier to decide if you have a theme for your party. For example, you can host a garden-themed coffee afternoon with your girlfriends and use your dainty floral cups for the occasion. You may also choose a color motif for the event if you have no particular theme in mind. An all-blue or all-orange coffee table set will be the best idea if you have plenty of cups and mugs with these colors. 

Serve Complementing Food

Different food items pair well with different flavors of coffee. You only need to consider the types of brews that you intend to serve during your coffee party.

Fruit-based sweets and pastries are great with Haitian and Kenyan coffee beans, while stone fruits like plums, peaches, and apricots taste better when served with Tanzanian coffee. If you serve chocolate-based food items, the Guatemalan coffee beans should be your chosen brew. For savory food items like quiche, you can serve your Pacific Island coffee to your guests. But if you are serving omelet, you can brew any coffee beans that hail from Java and Sumatra. 

Have a Steady Supply of Coffee Essentials

Before your coffee party, you must contact your trusted coffee roasters in Sydney to order your favorite coffee blends. You can ask them to deliver their freshly roasted coffee beans at your home before your event, and you can then ground the beans at home. 

You also need to drop by the grocery to purchase different kinds of milk and sugar that you can serve on your coffee table. Adding some spices like cinnamon and nutmeg could boost your coffee drinking experience.

Hosting coffee parties is becoming a new trend in Sydney nowadays. By learning all the tricks in hosting the best coffee party, you and your guests would have the best time bonding and chatting with each other while relishing a good cup of coffee. 

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