What is the difference between the hedge trimmer and hedge cutter?

If you have ever been a gardener, you must have used hedge cutters or trimmer, but still, a lot of people are oblivious that trimmer and cutters are two different things. In this article, we would discuss the difference between a hedge trimmer and a hedge cutter.

What is a hedge?

You might have seen some fences around the gardens that are to human-made, these plant fences are generally referred to as hedges. Almost every garden has got these fences; they are quite useful as they keep the little intruders away. Hedges tend to grow enormously, and you need to cut them off after regular periods.  Otherwise, there will only hedges in your garden, just joking. The reason for giving those hedges a beautiful trim is the look of your garden. Cleaning your yard and maintaining it requires a lot of effort. You need to follow the routine of the plants and the seasons as well. Along with it, the gardeners also need to use some useful tools.

The differences between cutter and trimmer

 As far as I have known, hedge trimmer and cutters are two different things. As the name implies, a hedge trimmer is only made for cutting down the small portions of the hedges. However, the hedge cutter is a bigger tool used for cutting down the entire fence.

Trimmer is for easier tasks.

Trimmers are relatively lightweight and thus easy to carry. They can be used anywhere, and I believe that you must only use a hedge trimmer for small cuttings or designing.

Cutters can handle more work.

Cutters are bigger, and the manufacturers usually fix bigger blades in them. Thus cutters are better for writing off an entire hedge, especially when the intention is of cutting, rather than designing the fence. 

Tips for using hedge cutter/ trimmer

Hedge cutters or trimmers are designed to ease your gardening strategies, but if you are not using them correctly, you may destroy your garden’s entire look.

  • Ensure that the blades of the trimmer or cutter are sharp, and the angle of cutting is accurate. The aspect of cutting is crucial; otherwise, you would not get the desired results.
  • It has to be clean, while you use it, keep a clean cloth or a few tissue papers by your side. You may need to clean the plant juice, that can sometimes be sticky, or the pieces of hedges and even the ting sticks would disturb the flow of cutting.
  • Wear the protective gear if you are going to use an electric hedge cutter, sometimes it gets short, and the user is very likely to have electrical shocks. You should wear a plastic slipper while cutting hedges with an electric hedge cutter. Moreover, do not let kids hover around when you are using some machines.
  •  Use the right type of cutter; it will depend upon the variety of shrubs. If they are fully-grown or thick, then you must use the heavy-duty cutters.

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