Which Faucets to Buy for the Bath?

These criteria should be based on, starting repairs even in the bathroom.


During the construction or repair of the bathroom, the replacement of plumbing or any of its parts, we always An impeccable design can only be called one where every little thing is tastefully selected, all pieces of furniture complement each other, and at the same time, the room is not only beautiful but also comfortable. try to choose the best faucet and make sure that today they cannot be counted by variety, design, and appearance. Mixers are traditionally divided into only three types – single-lever, two-valve, and thermostats, everything else is the same mixers, only slightly improved.


Single lever mixers are the easiest to use, to use water, turn the faucet with a rather light hand movement.

Two-valve bath faucets are popular, they are not picky about the quality of the water, but their inclusion will require a little more effort than when using single-lever counterparts.

Thermostatic faucets combined the best qualities – they bring special comfort to the house because they are equipped with a control panel, with which you can adjust the temperature and pressure of the water.

An equipped bathroom with a taste and natural beauty looks if a cascade mixer is installed in it – this is an original way to surprise guests and bring a twist to the overall interior of the room. Through a cascade mixer, water flows through a waterfall, and a wide massive stream is obtained. It is non-standard and sanitary in the bathroom to have a mixer with touch control, by the way, this is the best solution for public places.


Traditionally, the mixer body is made of brass, internal parts, cartridges can be metal or ceramic, aluminum oxide is actively used. Mounting parts for bath mixers are made of stainless steel, the external parts of the fittings are nickel-plated, coated with chrome and enamel. In any case, materials that can withstand constant interaction with water are used, they do not rust and do not collapse for a long time while maintaining their luster and integrity.

In terms of strength, plastic and ceramic are not able to compete with metals, but these materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Plastic is inexpensive, lightweight has thermal conductivity. Ceramics – akin to plastic, heavier and more pleasant to the touch, although it often cracks when using cranes inaccurately.


In the bathroom, faucets differ in their application: for the bathroom, for the washbasin, for the shower, faucets for the bidet. The purpose of the mixer should be based on the choice of design. It is desirable to choose bath faucets with a massive “gander” for quick filling of the tank, it is better when the mixer provides for adjusting the pressure and switches from the spout to the showerhead without any difficulties.

If the sink is installed next to the bath, then it would be advisable to give preference to a faucet with a long swivel spout, which will allow you to successfully use water in the bath and above the washbasin.

Khuwalid Khalid
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